KangerTech Personal Vaporizers: Leading the Way

lips-374516_640An early entry into the e-cigarette, or personal vaporizer, arena, KangerTech was founded in China in 2007. Working as a wholesaler, they sell predominately to other retailers. Their products can be found across the United States and Canada, as well as other countries. Providing anything from full starter kits to replacement parts, KangerTech has focused on innovation in the personal vaporizer market. As vaping, whether as a cigarette smoking replacement or a hobby on its own, becomes more popular, the interest in personal vaporizer options increases along with it.

Starter Kits

With the multitude of products on the market today, a person new to the personal vaporizer market may be intimidated by choice. KangerTech has made it simple for new users to begin participating in their new hobby. The fastest way for a customer to acquire everything they need to begin vaping is with a kanger evod starter kit.

Just as the name suggests, it will provide a customer with everything required to begin vaping. The kit will include a complete e-cigarette setup, tank and battery, along with a charger. Depending on the sophistication of the kit chosen, it may also come with a travel or carrying case, a secondary battery, or some replacement parts, such as an additional clearomizer.


The clearomizer is the tank design used by KangerTech. It functions as the input for the e-liquid, with the primary chamber being translucent. This allows a vaper to see how much e-liquid they have available at any point, and allows for quick refills of the chamber. Available in multiple colors and sizes, it allows a person to customize their personal vaporizer to have a look and feel that suits them best.


The battery is housed in the section that also functions as the body of the completed personal vaporizer. This is where the power button is located, providing easy access. The batteries connect to the tanks with a screw type connection. This allows the two pieces to fit well together, only coming a part when a user chooses to unscrew them. This also provides a stable connection for the portion that will be connected to the charging cable, making it less likely to accidentally become loose during charging.

Charging Cables

Specially designed chargers are require for use with an e-cigarette. Some will require being plugged into a wall, while others may come with a USB end, allowing for charging through a computer. It is important to make sure that you get the appropriate charging cables for your location. Power cycles differently in some areas, so charging cables designed for the U.S. may not be appropriate for use in Europe.